Healing in Haven Falls
By Suzie Housley
Jun 1, 2011 - 3:46:57 PM

Keith Burke wished he was anywhere but the The Haven Falls Community Center.  He had made a promise to his pastor to get out more and do more activities since he was discharged from the military.  He had suffered the loss of sight in one of his eyes due to an explosion in Afghanistan.  He is battling from depression that goes along with such a devastating injury.

Autumn Reger had made many mistakes when it come to the men she had let into her life.  These bad encounters had her weary of all men.  She wanted to try and please her parents, by attending a function at The Haven Falls Community Center.  She knew they would be pleased that she was getting her life back together after so much heartache she had suffered.


Keith is intrigued by Autumn, when he spied her in the crowded room of the community center; she looked like he feltlike she wanted to be anywhere but there.  He gets up the courage to go and introduce himself.  He is unsure if she will accept the injuries he sustained in Afghanistan.


Autumn is cautious when Keith approaches her, but his warmth and good nature quickly melts her heart.  When he asks her to dance she doesn’t hesitate to accept.  Will God show these two lonely souls how right they are for each other?  Will they be willing to accept God’s will?  Or will their past hold them back from moving forward with the future?


HEALING IN HAVEN FALLS is one heartwarming book.  You will fall in love with Keith and Autumn, each one has battled life’s hardest situations.  You can almost feel the anguish their wounded hearts have suffered.  Books such as HEALING IN HAVEN FALLS are a rare jewel to treasure

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