Healing the Wounds (Neighborly Affection, Book 3)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 19, 2014 - 12:37:13 PM

Alice never imagined that the sexual games she indulged in with her neighbors Henry and Jay would lead to a romantic entanglement.  Now that she’s become a part of a triad she’s discovering just how complicated it can be living with two lovers - one dominant, the other submissive.  She struggles to find balance between the two men while trying to find a way to vanquish her own demons.

Henry and Jay’s love for each other is unquestionable but there’s no denying that Alice adds an element to their relationship that they desperately wanted.  Henry’s serious persona and need for control transitions perfectly to his role as a dominant.  Jay’s playful nature is almost childlike and his desperate need to please shows in his submissive behavior.  Together the men make a wonderful couple but there’s something missing that bridges the gap between serious and playful – and that something is Alice.


Alice, Henry and Jay’s relationship has advanced beyond the ‘just kinky sex’ stage but it’s not going to be an easy transition into ‘happily-ever-after’ either.  The entire situation is made more complex due to a traumatic event that occurred at a BDSM club which has left Alice and Jay mentally scarred.  It’s going to take a lot of love, understanding, and a willingness to work through their fears if their relationship is to grow.


M.Q. Barber’s series, NEIGHBORLY AFFECTION, really should be read in order since each new release builds on the previous story. Now that being said, I was thoroughly captivated by the characters, their interactions, and curious as to how they’d get past their issues.  I really enjoyed the insight into how Henry dominates Alice and Jay but doesn’t do the thinking for them.  He lets them work through issues on their own, but is always there to support them. 


HEALING THE WOUNDS is definitely a well written story but as I’ve already said it is built on the previous stories in the series so pick up and read the first two stories first.  Here’s a list of the titles in order:




and the short story – THREE-WAY TIE

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