Heart Like Mine - Echo Lake series, Book 2

Author: Maggie McGinnis

Publisher: St. Martin's

Release Date: April 5, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Delaney Blair is a finance analyst in the small town Mercy Hospital of Echo Lake, Vermont. She has been assigned to cut funding to the pediatric floor so she moves her office to be there to see firsthand the day-to-day operations. Delaney's brother was in a pediatric ward a lot when he was young, before he died. Delaney doesn't like having to relive all the bad memories of her brother's illness.

Dr. Joshua MacKenzie is the interim head of the pediatric department, so he can't believe they are going to cut some of his budget when he knows they haven't got any to spare. At first Joshua doesn't like the lady from the sixth floor invading his department, but after he sees how well she bonds with the patients, he decides that maybe she will be a help and not a hindrance. The more time he spends with Delaney, the more he wants to know her.

Both Delaney and Joshua know they can't have a relationship because, first of all, they are colleagues and it is against hospital policy. Secondly they neither one have time for anything but their careers. Delaney grew up with a surgeon father who was never available for her and after her brother died her mother shut herself off from her as well. Delaney wants a family where her husband is home every evening and has time to spend with his family. She knows marrying a doctor is not for her. Joshua wants to work hard until he can get to a point of having his own practice away from the hospital and doesn't need any diversions like a woman along the way.

Delaney and Joshua try to keep everything business but their feelings keep getting in the way. Trying to keep away from each other just leads to more angst in both their lives.

HEART LIKE MINE is a factual story of the inner working of a hospital and how the employees become more like families. I truly enjoyed this story and the fact that it is set in Vermont, a fairy tale place I have always wanted to visit, makes it that much more enjoyable. Ms. McGinnis has a unique way with words that puts the story on a recorder in your mind and brings all the scenes to life for you. I may want to visit Echo Lake again in my travels through another tale in my dreams.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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