Heart Beats
By Briana Burress
Dec 1, 2005 - 10:24:00 AM

Dr. Elizabeth Iverson is one of the best in her field of medicine as a heart surgeon and works at the Heartland Cardiac Center.  Her best friend, Julie is staying with her a few days while she is coping with her latest divorce. Her plans to meet Julie earlier today are changed when she is called back to the Center for an emergency.  She does not have time to go home and change so she goes to a nearby shop and purchases a dress for the evening and will meet up with Julie at the alumni fundraiser.  She is gazing over the crowd during her speech when her stunned eyes meet Drake’s, whom she has not seen for almost 6 years.  When Julies does not show up, Elizabeth tries to call her the apartment but receives no answer.

FBI Special Agent Drake McGuire cannot escape the memories of the heat he and Elizabeth shared on that weekend in Atlanta six years ago.  He also has never forgiven the fact that she left him high and dry soon thereafter with no explanations.  Shortly after the fundraiser, Drake is parked outside her apartment building trying to decide if he should go in and speak with her since their meeting earlier did not go well.  But, his decision is made for him when he sees emergency vehicles arrive and paramedics and police enter her home.  He dashes inside and sees Elizabeth trying to save Julie from the fatal stab wounds she received. Drake becomes part of the investigation and discovers that Julie was not the intended victim.  He will not take no for an answer as he does everything he can to protect her and pull together the missing pieces that will give them the name and face of the killer that soon makes a  second attempt on her life.  The closeness of the situation soon overtakes them both as they give into the fire that has never gone out between them even after all these years.  Will Elizabeth ever be able to let go of her fears of the past long enough to share her heart and the one precious secret that she still hides from Drake? 


Hang onto your libido as you experience the heated HEARTBEATS between Drake and Elizabeth as they come face to face with the earth shattering secrets of their lives.  Susan Rae will have you biting your nails in this suspense filled journey to seek Julie’s killer to a very unexpected conclusion.


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