Heart Doctor
By Annie
Aug 1, 2009 - 7:49:40 PM

Drey is the head nurse on the cardiac floor at City Hospital. He’s looking for love and he just walked through the door.

Brady is the new heart doctor at City Hospital. So when he meets Grey sparks start to fly.

When Drey first saw the new heart doctor Brady MacDonald it was love at first site. Brady is cute, awesome at his job and is completely gay. Only Brady has rules about dating his co-workers. But Drey doesn’t care and flirts with him like crazy showing him the hospital, the place to eat and his bedroom. But can Drey make Brady realize that this is their shot at true love?

HEART DOCTOR is a romantic story about how two men meet at the work place and start to fall in love. Only rules and co-workers stand in the way of the feelings they have for one another. Only time will tell if they can make it work or have all their dreams and hopes dashed.

I love HEART DOCTOR so much. It brought tears of joy, laughter, and I could feel the love shinning between Brady and Grey. I give Mr. Zachary two thumbs up for a wonderful love story and I can’t wait to read more.

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