Heart Throbs

Author: Janet Lane Walters

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: May 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Eric Damon Blair III is new to Rivertown. He's a new cardiologist at
Rivertown Memorial Hospital . While unpacking, he meets Magda Malone and they hit it off. She invites him to dinner where they share not only a romantic dinner but a sizzling night of love making. They spend the weekend together where Magda and Damon find out that they have all kinds of things in common.

Unfortunately, Damon doesn't reveal his profession to Magda. Magda is a supervisor at Rivertown Memorial, but she has vowed never to date a doctor again due to a disastrous marriage with her ex-husband who she helped put through medical school only to have him leave her when he was done. When they meet on Monday, Magda is stunned and angry. She never wants to see Damon again, let alone start a relationship with him, casual as he may want it to be.


Damon persists in trying to convince Magda that they can see each other and still work together, but she is adamant: she doesn't date doctors. It is up to Damon to prove that he can be in a mature, loving relationship and that not all doctors are jerks. Damon had loved being a bachelor, but when he meets Magda, he can only think about her. No other woman shows up on his radar, and it is time to show Magda that he can be everything she could want in a man.


HEART THROBS is a very erotic story. Though I usually have an issue with the hero and heroine making love on the first date, Janet Lane Walters wrote the story so well that it didn't feel rushed or weird, just natural. Though Damon seemed to be a bit of a playboy at first, his devotion to Magda was evident throughout the entire story as he persisted in his wooing. This was an emotional story as both Damon and Magda had to work through their feelings about marriage and doctors in order to see that being together was the only right place to be. HEART THROBS is a fast read, but you won't be disappointed at all as the characters and plot are very realistic and interesting.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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