Heart of Ash (Tryst Island Series, Book 4)

Author: Sabrina York

Publisher: Sabrina York

Release Date: November 23, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Emily Donahue is a lady through and through.  Manners have been ingrained in her psyche practically from the time she was born, but she’s never taken her privileged background for granted.  She actually enjoys thrift store finds, loves working as a teacher and hanging out with her friends on Tryst Island.  She longs for a love of her own but isn’t comfortable with most men thanks to a bad experience she endured.  All that changes when she meets the next door neighbor, Ash, and believes he could be ‘the one.’


Ash Bristol no longer believes in commitment.  His own attempt at a happily-ever-after turned out to be a dismal failure when his new ‘bride’ let him know she only wanted his money.  Since then he’s made it his policy to only engage in one night stands.  He should have realized that Emily is nothing like the other women he’s met, but his opinion on fidelity is somewhat askew and as a result he hurts her in one of the worst ways imaginable.


If Emily had consulted her Tryst Island housemates before accepting Ash’s offer to show her a nearby private island she might have seen his actions for the seduction attempt they were and been able to save herself the heartache.  As it is though, her only regret is that Ash doesn’t view their time together in the same light she does, so she chalks it up to a lesson learned and goes about her life.  What she doesn’t realize is that Ash’s life is changing and he’s getting a huge reality check which will change everything for him.  Unfortunately he doesn’t know how to go about finding Emily – and her housemates aren’t exactly forthcoming in the information department… in fact several of them would like nothing better than to flatten Ash’s playboy face for him.


HEART OF ASH is the fourth title in Sabrina York’s TRYST ISLAND series and I don’t mind saying I honestly can’t pick a favorite at this point.  Each of the stories in this series stands out for very different reasons with characters and life experiences that bring them to life in a big way.  With HEART OF ASH, Ms. York doesn’t skimp on the emotional turmoil while still keeping the storyline smoldering hot and highly entertaining.  Emily’s innocence is the perfect antithesis to Ash’s pessimistic attitude, and I had to crack a smile just knowing that the very thing that Ash fears – money grubbing females – is the exact opposite of Emily.  It was kind of like being clued in to a secret while Ash is completely oblivious.  HEART OF ASH is a genuinely fun and heartwarming story with many twists to the plot which will keep readers glued to the pages.


While it’s not necessary to read this series in order, I personally think they’re more fun that way just because you get insight into some of the other characters mentioned during the course of the story.  Here are the first five titles in the series – and there’s a promise of more to come – so be sure to keep a look out and check Ms. York’s website for news about other titles in the TRYST ISLAND series.







By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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