Heart of Change

Author: Roxy Harte

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: March 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Simone Sinclair is a forty-something year old porn star. While the years have been kind to her she knows that she is far older than most of the other actors and actresses in the business. Simone has been working in porn for twenty years it’s all she knows and she is in no way ready to retire. Sadly, the decision is taken out of her hands when she is informed by her long time manager and former lover Simon, that her contract will not be renewed. Simone’s worst nightmare has come true. She is being forced to retire.


Thrown for a loop Simone seeks out her friends for comfort. One friend in particular, is extremely supportive but she also stirs unexpected feelings in Simone. She is surprised to find herself very attracted to Geri. Can she find the courage to act on her feelings?

Simone is a distinct and complicated character. I found her very absorbing. When Simone is forced to retire she is understandably angry. She feels very conflicted because while she loved her job she also feels she missed out on having a family, and a more normal life. HEART OF CHANGE is at its core a novel about how this character comes to terms with her past and tries to figure out what is going to make her truly happy. I came to care about her a great deal and I found myself cheering for her as she found the courage to change her life for the better. Her relationship with Geri is sweet and sensual but very complicated. These two heroines have a lot of obstacles to overcome. I enjoyed following their journey as it unfolded. HEART OF CHANGE by Roxy Harte is an appealing and tantalizing f/f romance.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Christina

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