Heart of the West Series - Roped
By Nickie Langdon
Sep 19, 2007 - 8:45:48 AM

He’s returned from war a wounded man, at times not caring whether he lives or dies and whoever is closest bears the brunt of his anger and pain. She’s a nurse in the Cheyenne VA hospital where he has been sent for rehab.

Jared faced the most difficult decisions of his life. A detonated roadside bomb had ended his career in the Marines. He’d been left in the Iraqi desert with pieces of shrapnel embedded in his body. Despite the pain that wracked his body, his determination to find water kept him going until finally, he thought he’d found the elusive oasis. Unfortunately, it was sand he breathed and drank until he was carried to safety.


Ninia’s heart breaks for the man she tends. She listens to his vehement diatribes and longs to help the man she knows is locked inside the shell.

She recognizes the dominant commands he gives during his nightmares and longs to submit to the demands he murmurs to someone in those dreams. Little does she know that her face is on every houri who submits to him inside his sensuous desert tent.


The confrontation comes when he lashes out at her about not knowing how he really feels. She tries to hide the tears but tells him about the loss of her husband in Afghanistan four years earlier.


ROPED is the first in Ann Jacobs’ HEART OF THE WEST series. She’s brought a wounded soldier together with a woman whose heart calls out to the dominant inside of the man. Ninia longs to submit to him as much as he longs for her to do so. This book should have been issued with several warnings - tissues and ice needed.


The love that Ann gives her characters is brought out time and time again in this story. I definitely look forward to the next two stories in this series. HITCHED AND LASSOED will reveal the worlds of Brad and Diana, Jared’s brother and sister.


Curl up in your most comfortable chair and watch Jared and Ninia as she helps him deal with his anger over coming home a much changed man he used to be – a man with both legs. Their journey is alternately painful, fun and erotically sexy. Can he resist the submission she offers him? Will he finally realize that she does it out of love and not pity?


Kudos, Ann. I can’t wait for the other two. This one is definitely headed to the keeper shelf.

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