Heart of the Wild
By Phyllis Ingram
Dec 3, 2006 - 1:58:00 PM

Kasie is the daughter of movie legend Ava Moore and John Douglas III, one of the ten richest men in the country.  Kasie has not seen her father, for eight years because she believed her father had arranged her marriage to Chayton.  Kasie had left Chayton, severing ties with her father, thinking that Chayton had not loved her, but he was marrying her only because John had asked him to.


Chayton, a direct descendant of Crazy Horse, has not checked the weather forecast, and finds himself stranded in a blizzard with Kasie.  John Douglas was supposed to fly in from South America but, of course, the weather prevents this from happening.  Chayton has his own personal battle as he wants to know why Kasie ran from him the day before THEIR wedding.  Chayton also wants to know if Kasie is IN LOVE with Rick.


Chayton takes Kasie to his mountaintop retreat which has no bathroom, only a chamber pot and an outhouse.  When they arrive at the cabin, they discover that it has been broken into by ‘Old Blue—the orneriest mix of black and grizzly bear you’ll ever want to encounter.  Kasie was told by Chayton that there is a washtub outside for bathing but she would have to bring it in, fill it with heated water from the stove, and then empty it. Needless to say, Kasie gets a little annoyed. Chayton decides that he has to keep her annoyed until her father arrives because old feelings are coming to the surface and Chayton is determined not to fall in love again. 


Kasie’s father finally does arrive and they have quite a reunion. There is so much to catch up on since they have not seen each other all these years. In every family, why is there a rift?  Why do we let our loved ones go? Most times, we treat our friends better than our blood relatives.


HEART OF THE WILD is so heartwarming that you feel you are on the mountaintop with Chayton and Kasie. You feel the cold of the blizzard and the warmth of the fireplace.  Kasie tried to follow Chayton one day and as he sets a trap, it pulls her into the air. This stunt gave me an out loud belly laugh.  Ms. Hestand is becoming one of my favorite contemporary writers.  I definitely look forward to reading and hopefully reviewing whatever books she writes.

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