Heart on a Chain
By Janalee
Mar 27, 2013 - 5:29:44 PM

HEART ON A CHAIN is a powerful, humbling and unbelievably moving tale of one young girl’s struggles to face unrelenting odds. Kate, an only child, has lived for years in an abusive family. Her father is an alcoholic and her mom is messed up on pills. To add insult to injury, the kids at her school taunt and physically harm her at every turn. At one time she had Henry Jamison, who looked out for her until he moved away without letting her know. Now she has become a complete introvert, trying to be as invisible as possible, not only to the kids at school, but her parents as well.  

In her senior year of high school, Kate finds out that Henry has moved back and is now is attending school with her. Kate does not trust anyone, especially Henry, to not publicly ridicule her.

Henry cannot seem to get close to Kate, yet he never gives up on the one girl that has captured his heart. In his own way, he will do everything in his power to protect and look after her at school. Finally he convinces Kate he truly cares about her and their trust grows.

Henry is such an incredible young man; his kindness knows no bounds, for he has been enamored with Kate since kindergarten. For Kate, he is her only lifeline that keeps her horrific and abusive world stable. The only person who does not taunt or physically hurt her, the only person who shields her, looks after her.

Thank goodness for Henry and his loving family. They are Kate’s shinning beacon of hope in her dark world. She now sees how a normal family interacts, behaves.  This gives her courage to look for a brighter future even when her mother beats her.

HEART ON A CHAIN is by author Cindy C. Bennett. Bravo, Ms. Bennett, you moved this reviewer beyond words. I always had a tissue close at hand to wipe the tears shed because of the horrid things done to Kate. The ending is beautiful. It shows how a soul, so battered, can still blossom with love and perseverance. This reviewer cannot wait to see what Ms. Bennett writes next!

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