By Suzie Housley
Aug 16, 2011 - 3:43:31 PM

With the death of her grandmother Trish Evers and her six year old daughter Bella go to North Carolina to settle her estate.  Her grandmother had left a rundown bed and breakfast.  Trish knows that she doesn’t have the funds to rebuild it to it's former shining glory. 

Bella has Down syndrome, but she doesn’t allow it to get her spirit down.  When she was born she was rejected by her father, Trish is the only parent she has ever known.  She finds going to North Carolina offers her an opportunity to visit the beach.


Dan Conway was raised in a military family and enlisted in the Marines.  He was set to dedicate his life to the military, but all of his plans changed the day he was blinded by bomb in Afghanistan.


In the four years since Dan was injured, he went through many operations to try and restore his sight, unfortunately all of them failed.  With the last failure, he decided to finally accept his fate and return to his home on the beach in North Carolina.


One morning while Dan was sitting on his private beach he gets an unexpected visitor.  He learns the child is his nearby neighbor.  He fears that she has wandered away from her parents so he ensures that she stays with him until someone comes to find her.


Bella brings the sunshine that has been lacking in Dan’s day.  Her innocence takes hold of his heart.  Soon Bella’s mother Trish comes to find her; he can tell that she is overwhelmed with relief when she finds her daughter. 


Bella takes an immediate interest in Dan.  She does whatever it takes to seek him out.  Trish is beside herself at the behavior of her daughter.  She is thankful that her neighbor has the patience to deal with Bella and her curiosity.


As the summer days pass by, Dan, Bella, and Trish become inseparable.  Trish finds herself becoming intrigued by her neighbor.  Dan feels that he is unworthy to even dream of having a place in Bella and Trish’s life because of his disability.


Will Dan be able to put his past behind him and be able to allow his growing feelings of love for Trish and Bella to show?


HEARTSIGHT is an exception tug at your heart romance.  There are very few new authors who are able to really impress me with their first book, I am proud to say that Kay Springsteen has definitely achieved this honor.  HEARTSIGHT is a book that you can’t put down once you start.  Each character has suffered their own person tragedy, how they learn to deal with the obstacle life has presented them is very inspiring.  Mere words are not enough to express how impressed I was with Kay Springsteen’s HEARTSIGHT.

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