Heartsong Cottage - Eternity Springs series, book 10
By Dottie
Dec 5, 2015 - 2:49:19 PM

Police detective Daniel Garrett awoke one morning with a feeling of unease. That day he was shot, but fortunately he was wearing his vest. He figured that event was the reason that his spidey senses, inherited from his Irish mother, were stirred. So he was blindsided when he received the news that his young son was missing. Four days later, the little body was found. Four months later, unable to live with her grief, his wife committed suicide. Now, having quit his job, Daniel devotes his time to finding missing children. With the ten year anniversary of his son’s death looming over him, Daniel needs to get away. So he escapes to Eternity Springs, where his good friend is getting married. Still suffering from the wounds of his past, he attends the wedding and meets a beautiful woman.

Since the death of her ex-fiancé, Shannon O'Toole has had no desire for romance. Instead, she keeps herself busy restoring Victorian cottages. But she cannot deny that she finds the handsome ex-detective intriguing. He makes her feel things she has not felt in a long time. However, she has her own haunting past and is afraid that sharing her past with him will bring danger to her door. Can she trust him with her secrets?

A heart wrenching tale, HEARTSONG COTTAGE, the tenth novel in New York Times bestselling author Emily March's ETERNITY SPRINGS series, is an uplifting, yet tragic, contemporary romance. Readers are sure to shed tears as they consume this book, unable to put it down. At times sweet, this story also has its dark edges as the main characters' pasts are brought to light, still affecting their everyday lives. However, there is a definite chemistry between them and as Christmas approaches; the town and inhabitants of Eternity Springs just might work their magic once more. This touching story is sure to pull at your heartstrings, providing a few tears as well as a bit of humor at times.

Readers will fall in love with this town and its residents who often make reappearances throughout the series. Each novel can be read as a standalone, but I am sure that after reading one, you will soon seek the rest. This story involves a more mature couple and the romance between them develops slowly. Beautifully written, the characters are true-to-life as they deal with their pasts and face the consequences of their current actions. Misunderstandings, danger, tragedy, mystery, healing, hope and love abound in this heartwarming story that will keep you enthralled right up to the end. Whether you have read any of the other books in this series or not, be sure to pick up a copy of HEARTSONG COTTAGE today and discover the world of Emily March for yourself!

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