Elite Ops, Book 3: Heat Seeker
By Natalie
Aug 18, 2009 - 4:14:06 PM

Trent Daylen was a laughing and irreverent Australian who smiled too much and laughed too often.  Nothing was considered taboo in Trent’s world until he fell in love with Bailey, his partner.  Allowed only one night together before he was injured in an explosion meant to kill him, Trent is a dead man.  Or so his government and Bailey think.  While Agent Trent Daylen perished in a horrific car blast, Elite Ops undercover agent John Vincent was born. 

John Vincent has been unable to forget Bailey.  He has secretly followed her for years, and when his cover as an arms dealer brings him into her presence, John knows that he will stop at nothing to possess her once again – no matter the consequences. 


Bailey Serborne has had enough.  She has finally given notice to her supervisor and has gone home to Colorado.  Bailey is burnt out from chasing Orion, a criminal responsible for various kidnappings and other horrible crimes.  Her ‘vacation’ ends when she is told she is to pose as John Vincent’s love interest by the very agency that had her kidnapped and interrogated in Atlanta months earlier.  Bailey wants nothing to do with John Vincent, his supervisor, or this case.  And then John Vincent does the unthinkable – he kisses her. 


Bailey and John’s chemistry is hot enough to melt butter. While Bailey fought her attraction to an apparent criminal, John didn’t have to fight a thing.  He fell in love with Bailey years ago and has loved no one since.  His every thought featured Bailey.  He wanted her safe, and he wanted her forever.  Convincing her was just the beginning of their highly tempestuous and exhilarating relationship. 


HEAT SEEKER will blow you away - so be prepared to be knocked off your feet!  The storyline is fast-moving and chock full of bad guys.   So intricate and well written, I found myself unable to figure out the antagonist until he was revealed.  Combustible love scenes combine with a highly volatile yet suspenseful story makes HEAT SEEKER the thrilling novel that I come to expect from Lora Leigh.  Don’t miss it!


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