Heat Wave
By Tracy Marsac
Aug 8, 2005 - 6:42:00 PM

Leigh Novack resides in a cottage in the beautiful Santa Monica area of California.  The fact that she doesn't have air conditioning never bothered her until the heat wave.  Combined with the fact that's she's got a very handsome new neighbor, Leigh is about to have a meltdown.  Having been divorced more than a year, Leigh's more than ready for intimacy again.  However, her self esteem took a blow when she caught her husband cheating on her.  Where she was once quite comfortable with her body, now Leigh is conscience of what she has and what she doesn't.  When Jared Townsend comes over to introduce himself, all her second thoughts about an affair with him vanish at the look of pure want in his eyes.

She surrenders to his expertise in the bedroom and in return she gets a summer she'll never forget.  Jared's as brilliant and talented with a camera as he is with giving her pleasure but great sex can't keep this wandering photo journalist at her side.  His assignments have taken him to London, New York, and South America just to name a few.  Jared is very up front with her about his job and the fact that he could get called away at any moment, so Leigh tries to keep their affair strictly physical.  If she can't, she'll have a broken heart when she has to watch the man she loves walk away.

Eden Bradley's HEAT WAVE is a thoroughly enjoyable story for its well written content and superb sensuality!  Leigh gains back the confidence she lost with her divorce under Jared's hands but might pick up a heartache or two if Jared has to leave.  Don't despair readers, love will find a way!

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