Author: Lucy Monroe

Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp

Release Date: February 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0


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Rachel is an undercover agent working for the government who finds herself in enemy custody with no back-up or way out.  The man she was trying to investigate has her captured and tortured.  Rachel is prepared to die to keep her cover.  To her surprise, a man she thought she’d never see again has come to rescue her.  Kadin Marks is part of a five man team of a covert military group that was sent in to save her.  But he is the one who broke her heart and now she has to face him at her weakest moment.

Kadin Marks can’t believe his extraction target is Rachel!  He hasn’t seen her since he broke off their relationship ten years ago.  She looks the same but he can feel she is different.  There is a hardness and emptiness that was not present years ago.  She is not the wide-eye carefree young girl he remembers.  He still has the same feelings for her, even after ten years.  Will she ever forgive him for leaving her especially with all the tragedy she had to endure after he left?  Kadin realizes he was a young fool to let her go, but will she give him a second chance to show her it can be different or will she shut him out of her life once their mission is complete?


This was an awesome read!   The themes of regret, betrayal, forgiveness, and being true to one’s self are all explored in this book.   Not just for Rachel and Kadin but for another couple as well.  I won’t say much about the other relationship (so I won’t ruin it for other readers) but I will say it was an unexpected joy to watch it unfold.  I was very invested in the secondary relationship almost as much as I was in Kadin and Rachel’s relationship.  The characters are very well written and the story gives the reader hope that love will conquer all.  Everyone needs to love and be loved by the person of their choice and not by what (or who) will make other people happy.



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: natasha2

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