Heaven Sent 4: Faith

Author: Jet Mykles

Publisher: Loose-ID

Release Date: July 24, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Darien Hughes has watched from the sidelines as all of his band mates have found love and happiness with their male lovers.   He has never been attracted to men, until he meets Christopher Faith.   When Darien’s brief marriage falls apart, band mate Hell introduces him to Chris, an attorney who can represent him in the divorce.   Darien is beginning to understand what his friends see in men after meeting the gorgeous barrister.   He cannot quit thinking about the sexy lawyer and the things he would like to do with the man.   However Darien is straight, isn’t he?  

Christopher Faith agrees to help Heaven Sent’s drummer, Darien Hughes, with his divorce.   He never expects the handsome, heterosexual man to attempt a seduction on the night the divorce becomes final.   Chris knows that he should not get intimately involved with the delectable musician, but one taste from those delicious lips and he is unable to say no.   Chris finds it hard to believe that Darien wants him, until he decides that Darien is just curious and wants to experiment with a man.   In that case, there is no chance that Chris’ heart will become involved.   At least that is what he is counting on since he refuses to allow anyone close enough to hurt him emotionally.   When things between Darien and Chris quickly heat to a boiling point, will either man keep their emotions out of the equation?   Can Darien convince Chris that he is not merely experimenting? Can he convince Chris to give their new relationship a chance?


HEAVEN SENT 4: FAITH is the highly anticipated book starring Darien, the final member of the Heaven Sent band.   Fans of this provocative series have been clamoring for his story ever since they turned the final page of HEAVEN SENT 3: HELL. FAITH delivers passion and satisfaction in abundance.  


Jet Mykles has written an incredible love story about a man who is unsure what love truly is or if he is even capable of the sentiment.   The emotional issues that Darien and Chris deal with are complex and real. The way they handle their burgeoning relationship totally captivated me.   When the exceptional love scenes are added to the mix, FAITH exemplifies why Mykles is considered one of the top writers in the erotic genre. I am one of the fans who eagerly anticipated the release of this story and can honestly say I am thrilled with FAITH.   It is more than worth the wait.   Jet Mykles definitely knows how to write erotic romance!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Robin Snodgrass

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