Heaven is for Heroes
By Suzie Housley
Apr 15, 2012 - 4:53:34 PM

At seventeen, Jordan ‘Jordie” Dunn learns of her Brother Levi’s death.  He served as a Marine, and lost his life while serving on a Special Op mission in Iraq.   His best friend Alex ‘Coop’ Cooper had been with Levi during his last day; he has no memory of the event, and suffered the loss of his right leg.  His injury resulted him being sent back home to recover.

The military is blaming Alex for Levi’s death.  Jordie is convinced that Alex is innocent of any part in her brother’s death.  She is intent on proving his innocence.  Working with Alex brings back strong feelings of a crush she has had on him since ninth grade.

Will Alex be able to heal his mind and body to accept the love that Jordie if offering?  Or will the military falsely accused him of a crime he didn’t commit?

HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES is one emotional packed novel.  Throughout the pages you can experience the loss and heartache that the characters experience.  I was highly impressed with PJ Sharon’s writing style.  She has written a very heartfelt young adult romance that can be enjoyed by all ages.  I highly recommend her writing style to those who appreciate a book that has a lot of in-depth emotional impact that leaves a lasting impression that will not soon be forgotten.

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