Heaven's Blue

Author: Penelope Marzec

Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books

Release Date: June 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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Samantha Lyons studies mosquitoes in a salt marsh in Clam Creek, New Jersey.  More specifically, she's been studying the effects of a new pesticide on the tiny pests for the past two years.  Two weeks short of her research deadline, her assistant flees the boredom of catching mosquitoes in a tube, leaving Samantha desperate to find another assistant.  Immediately. 

Although missing her deadline will negatively affect her grant and her doctorate, Samantha is more afraid of losing her home.  It's the first real home Samantha has ever had.  During her childhood, her father kidnapped her in a custody dispute, and she lived on the run.


She meets David Halpern in front of the steps to her church.  He's arguing with the proprietor of an ice cream shop, who claims he stole a cone for his son, James.  Samantha pays for the cone and coaxes a reluctant David inside the church for donuts, as his son is obviously hungry.  After talking to him and discovering that he is a destitute traveler in need of some quick cash to get home, she hires him to catch mosquitoes for the last two weeks of her study.


Soon she suspects that David and James are on the run, and the scars of her past, which have just begun to heal, urge her to turn David in.  She decides to keep quiet until they finish her study and watch to see whether the Halperns are hiding something.


In fact, David did take his son from his ex-wife.  She's been abusing and neglecting him, and he fled Connecticut in desperation.  His name is actually Alan Nugent, and his son's name is Foster.  He was robbed during their travels, and Samantha's offer to employ him for a short time is a tremendous boon.  If he were a believer in God, he might say 'heaven sent.'  But God deserted him long ago, and he has no patience for Samantha's attempts to minister to his soul.  Catching mosquitoes is a far cry from his former position as vice president of an insurance company, but he needs the money.


The more time Samantha, David, and James spend together, the more Samantha realizes that home is not a place, but a feeling.  The feeling she has when the three of them are together.  But how can the love they feel for each other last, when a custody battle and the crime of abduction threaten to tear them apart?


It is James' simple faith in God that shows his father the way back to the Lord and keeps Samantha going.  This poignant, spiritual story demonstrates the way a child's faith affects those whom he loves.  HEAVEN'S BLUE will touch your heart and reinforce your faith in God.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Grace

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