Heavens to Betsy
By Sherri Myers
Jun 1, 2005 - 4:36:00 PM

Reverend Betsy Blessing always felt like she had been called to the ministry, but after several episodes with her parishioners, she is rethinking her future. Feeling restless and unappreciated, Reverend Betsy is planning on leaving the ministry to go to law school. When her best friend, LaRonda Mason, talks her into allowing herself to be used in a make-over television show, Betsy isn't sure how the results will go over with her congregation and her friends. Everyone is upset about the 'flashier' version of Betsy, except for LaRonda, and Betsy decides to tame it down while still trying to maintain a classier look. Can high heels and something more than a flour sack ever be acceptable to the parishioners at the Church of the Shepherd?

Fellow pastor and close friend of Betsy, David Swenson, has been buddies with Betsy since their days studying at seminary. Afraid of muddying the waters of their friendship, they have never gone the romantic route and attempted to be anything more than friends. However, one evening at the movie theater, David accidentally touches Betsy's leg and the love sparks begin to ignite. Can long-time best friends and sparring partners ever be anything more than friends? Will Betsy ever get out of 'reverend' mode long enough to think of her own needs and exchange her clerical robe for a sexy evening gown?

Funny but faithful is a good way to describe HEAVENS TO BETSY. Written from the viewpoint of a woman minister, this book is a look at the other side of the pulpit where few people even consider. We expect our ministers to be more holy than the average person, while forgetting they too are just as human as the rest of us. Beth Pattillo blends faith with a sense of humor to bring us Miss Reverend Betsy Blessing, frumpy-minister-turned-fashion diva. I enjoyed my view through the window of the behind-the-scenes life of Betsy, and look forward to reading more about her in the upcoming BETSY'S WEDDING, being released in the summer of 2006. Betsy even has her own blog at if you'd care to check it out.

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