Hell On Wheels
By Laurie
May 1, 2006 - 5:49:00 PM

When Cody Carlyle chases a skip into a dark, damp, rat-infested alley, the last thing she expects is for him to have a friend with him, least-of-all a friend with a gun.  When Josh Pierce shows up with an even bigger gun and saves her from serious injury, she is begrudgingly appreciative.  This won't be the last time the two are brought together; they don't have to spend much time in each other's company before they realize a strong sexual attraction that leaves them both weak.  Cody isn't emotionally strong enough for an intense relationship.  She is used to looking out for herself as well as supporting her mother, who has her own self-destructive weaknesses. When she and Josh team up to go on the road looking for their latest bad guy, there's more at stake than just the apprehension of the skip; their lives and their hearts are on the line.

Josh has always been impressed with Cody and her ability to take care of herself.  He has seen her bruised and bloodied after bringing in a skip and he still thinks that she is the hottest, most beautiful woman, he has ever seen. Josh begins a determined seduction of Cody and finds himself more than a little pleased when she agrees to partner with him in the pursuit of an accused murderer.  When unexpected danger arises, Josh begins to wonder if they'll live to see another day and he realizes that he just might want more from Cody than a quick fling.

Karen Kelley gives readers an exciting romance that lacks nothing as it delivers humor, action, suspense and an abundance of sensuality.  Cody's character is written with incredible realism-complete with insecurities and flaws that make her human.  Cody's facade of being a cold, calculating bounty hunter is transparent to Josh.  He sees that she has suffered emotionally and is willing to take some of the burden off her shoulders. While Josh is shamelessly attracted to Cody and may have initially wanted a simple sexual relationship, he soon wants more, much more, with her.  Convincing her that they belong together may be difficult.   

HELL ON WHEELS showcases Karen Kelley's superb writing skills which grow stronger with each new release. This review comes with a high recommendation; it definitely belongs, and will remain, on my keeper shelf.

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