Hell on Wheels
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2006 - 10:11:00 AM

Cody Carlyle is a bounty hunter with an excellent reputation for bringing in the roughest skips. She lives for the job, has no friends, and her one true love appears to be her Harley. Life experience has taught her to never trust any man and that includes fellow bounty hunter Josh Pierce - even if he does have the hottest body and car she's ever seen.

Ex-cop turned bounty hunter Josh Pierce has developed a fascination with Cody's feisty spirit and delectable body. For him being a bounty hunter is a means to an end. His professional desire is to set up his own P.I. agency. His private desire is to convince Cody that their attraction is worth exploring.

Cody had just taken down the skip she'd been tracing for better part of a week when Josh showed up just in time to save her from the skip's buddy who had pulled a gun on Cody. As it turns out, the second man is also a skip with a bounty on his head. Because Josh had his clunker of a car with him, he ended up transporting both of the men to the police department while Cody following on her Harley. Cody's hard pressed not to show how much everything about Josh turns her on. Even his 1964 orange Mustang in pristine condition makes her insides tremble. Of course, Josh isn't bothering hiding his attraction. Cody's the sexiest thing he's ever seen. Just watching her ride her Harley affects vital parts of his anatomy. After depositing the skips at the police department, Cody and Josh meet for a friendly drink at their favorite bar but with an attraction this intense they're bound to end up burning up the sheets. When they team up to track a skip that every bounty hunter is after and cross over the boarder into Mexico in search of him, their relationship takes a turn that neither of them is expecting. Cody's afraid to love Josh, every other man she's ever loved has left. Josh is really hoping to show her that he's worth believing in and their passion is too hot for him to ever leave.

Karen Kelly's HELL ON WHEELS is full of lots of hot action, hot vehicles, and even hotter sex! Josh just oozes sex appeal, how on earth Cody manages to deny herself at all is beyond me. Cody tries to portray a tough attitude but as you read, you're able to view her as a lonely woman using her sharp tongue to protect herself from being hurt when Josh walks out of her life. Ms. Kelly pulls the reader into the competitive and sometimes dangerous world of bounty hunters. You'll read anxiously to see what happens next and laugh out loud at some of the completely unexpected things that happen. As with every Karen Kelly book I've read, this is a well written story with kick-butt characters. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

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