The Gorgeous Series, Book 1 - Hello, Gorgeous!
By Alexis
May 1, 2005 - 5:48:00 PM

A night of partying with her sorority sisters and an ensuing accident leaves Caitlyn James as a human cyborg. Caitlyn is informed that she must now work as some kind of super spy and is now capable of great feats; a fact that both thrills and unsettles Caitlyn. But if The Boss thinks that Caitlyn will just jump at his directives, he is about to learn differently; after all she did ask for them to turn her into a cyborg and she has a life to get back too.

When the people responsible for creating her are suddenly being killed off, she reluctantly agrees to try to put a stop to the murders. Caitlyn is captured by Dmitri Novakov, who turns out to be the first cyborg created by The Boss, and a scrumptious specimen of the male gender. The only problem is that both Caitlyn and Dmitri suspect each other for the murders, therefore putting a crimp in their mutual attraction.

HELLO, GORGEOUS! is a fantastically funny and entertaining story. The verbal sparring that ensues between Caitlyn and The Boss is hilarious and will have readers unable to put down this wonderful book. This book has the type of character that I greatly enjoy; a witty, slightly ditzy heroine who is capable of kicking some butt. MaryJanice Davidson is always a joy to read and HELLO, GORGEOUS! is no different. I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

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