Her Lucky Cowboy - Montana Men series, book 3
By Diana S
Oct 31, 2015 - 12:59:27 PM

Dane Bowden is riding his last bull; win, lose, or draw before he quits the rodeo circuit to go home and run the family ranch in Montana. After he makes the ride and wins the championship, he is dismounting and the bull knocks him to the ground and stomps on his leg.

Dr. Bell is in the stands watching her neighbor Dane ride his bull. When he is injured she doesn't hesitate to climb down out of the stands to help him. Seeing how bad his leg is injured, Dr. Bell pinches his artery together to keep him from bleeding out, even when the bull charges her before they can coral him, and she takes a kick to the head. Dane is out cold but figures he has his angel with him because he sees her blue eyes. When the orthopedic doctor at the hospital in Vegas decides to amputate Dane's leg, Dr. Bell tells his brothers not to let them take his leg. Not having doctor privileges in the state of Nevada, Dr. Bell can't do the operation without the hospital's okay. When she gets the okay they take her back into surgery with Dane.

When Dane finally becomes conscious, he knows that he has seen Dr. Bell before. He asks her if she was the one who had helped him when he was thrown from his horse years before and she said she was. Bell lives next door to Dane's parents but no one ever saw her because she was made to stay inside by her grandmother, as she was a devil spawn who had brought shame to her family. No one ever knew she existed until she was tested by a social worker at age fifteen and sent to college because of her intelligence. Dane wants to get to know Bell on a personal level but she doesn't understand the way it works.

I think this is the best story of all three of the MONTANA MEN series. It made me look at life through the eyes of a human being who has never been treated like one. Bell is an intelligent, kind, giving person and a joy to get to know.

When tragedy comes knocking on Bell's door when she is just starting to live her life and have fun, it makes you see how one's faith in the good of newly found friends can make for a fantastic life change. I believe anyone who reads this story will come away with a different view of the aspects of life and its struggles. Dr. Bell, who has never had a last name, is my favorite character in this whole book. I cried for the inhumanity that her family has bestowed upon her by blaming her for the sins of the father. To become the passionate doctor that she is and to finally find a little joy in her life with a man who has always looked to her as his angel, makes this story very poignant and a joy to behold. Recommended Read.

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