Her Best Bet
By CinLee
Feb 13, 2010 - 8:45:18 PM

Trapped in a life she never wanted, Elizabeth Gordon never realized just how wrong her life is until she gets the note in the mail. In high school, a teacher asked his students to write a note stating where they thought they would be by the time of their tenth year reunion. The letters would be mailed out before the tenth year reunion, and the students would know if they followed their dreams or not. Elizabeth had dreamed of making documentaries and instead she has found herself as the traffic manager for a television station. She is also living her life to suit her parents and Andrew, the station anchorman, who has proposed to her. How had things gone so wrong?

Gib Murphy dreamed of being a photojournalist. But he’s coming home to White Bear Lodge in Wisconsin to recover from being caught in a suicide bombing in Iraq. Weighed down by guilt, Gib doesn’t have any idea where his life will go from here, but when he arrives at the resort, he discovers his grandparents are about to lose their lodge.


After receiving her high school letter, Elizabeth, known as Izzy to her roommate and best friend Shelly, settles into feeling sorry for herself. But Shelly has a surprise for her; there is an amateur documentary contest and she thinks Izzy should enter. Aside from allowing Izzy to attempt to achieve her dream, Shelly aspires to be more than a weathergirl. After tossing ideas around, the two decide to make the documentary about White Bear Lodge, which was reported to have been a gangster hangout during Prohibition.


When they arrive at the lodge, they walk in on Gib Murphy’s tirade about Elizabeth’s family potentially selling the lodge, and wondering what she is doing there. His anger is so fiery; they cancel Izzy’s reservation and check in under Shelly’s name, and Izzy uses her middle name, Stuart, as an alias.


Through a series of overheard conversations, Izzy and Shelly are convinced that Gib’s family is connected with the current Mafia. But Izzy never expects to fall madly in love with him as they spend time together.


Wracked with guilt over the suicide bombing that killed three of the four men he had been with, Gib is an emotional wreck. Being with Izzy helps his mental state, and he never needed anyone more. He works tirelessly to save the resort, only to find that his brother isn’t going to stay and that his grandmother wants to retire. However he begins to realize his own dream has changed from going around the world to wanting the peace and quiet of the lodge. But will he be able to forgive Izzy’s lies in order to have what he wants most of all?


HER BEST BET is a fun, yet emotional, page-turner. Izzy is the type of person you would love to know in real life. Gib’s pain is so real, it reaches out from the page to grab you and to see Izzy soothe him is a delight. I will be on the look out for more by Ms. Ford.

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