Her Best Friend’s Lover
By Gail Northman
Aug 23, 2003 - 4:52:00 AM

Lauren had loved Dale for years, living next-door to her she longs for Dale to see her in the same light.  But he never does, treating Lauren as his best-friend.  But Lauren desperately wanted Dale to see her not has his friend but as a woman and as his lover.  Dale was always setting her up with men thinking that she should not be alone, one such disastrous night the guy he had picked for her went too far.  The night out culminated in Lauren giving the guy a possible broken nose.  After that night things went from bad to worse after a blazing argument with Dale, they went their separate ways both feeling completely miserable.  Lauren willing to forgive Dale for setting her up with a guy who nearly raped her, she sets off to make amends.  Only to find Dale in a drunken stupor, what happens after that would change their lives forever.

Dale adored Lauren she was his best-friend, he had a string of woman for sex but he could never settle.  Dale had always loved another, a woman he could never have.  Feeling guilty and lonely after the argument with Lauren, he took to the bottle.  Lauren appeared one day and tried to apologise, after that his memory is a blur.  Slowly his memory of that night, when he was so drunk, starts to re-appear and with it an obsession of a mystery woman he knew he had been with. 


The story that unfolds is deeply emotional, a story of two people that have known each other for a long time, one loving the other and the other blind to that love.

HER BESTFRIENDS LOVER is a beautiful emotional erotic tale.  Lauren is a beautiful gifted artist, her character is one of warmth and you feel for Lauren in her torment.  Dale is a caring man although a few times I really wanted to smack him for being a complete idiot.  Shiloh Walker has created a book that will have you in tears with the emotional upheaval that Lauren and Dale with have to go through before they can find happiness together and panting as the heat rises between them in their fiery lovemaking.


HER BESTFRIEND'S LOVER is a true romance and one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.  Shiloh Walker is a very talented gifted writer who never fails to entertain you with her wonderful novels.  I look forward to reading many more books by Shiloh Walker in the not to distant future.

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