Her Body of Work
By Laurie
Aug 4, 2005 - 9:13:00 PM

artist Rey Martinson needs a model for a sculpture that she has been commissioned to do for a very wealthy client. This is the chance of a lifetime for Rey, but she just can't get into the project. Her agent suggests that a little sexual action might be just what Rey needs; Rey totally disagrees, until she sees prospective model Marco Flores. Marco is an undercover DEA agent who has gone to the interview with Rey as a favor for his look-alike actor/model brother Francisco, who has been called to California for a soap opera audition. Rey has seen dozens of nude male models, and has always remained unaffected by them, but Marco brings about wicked thoughts that Rey has not experienced for a very long time. Marco is also shocked at the feelings Rey evokes in him and is instantly attracted to her. When Marco sets out to seduce Rey, she is helpless in dissuading him and the two begin an incredibly hot love affair, sharing their bodies and eventually their hearts.

Rey does not know Marco's true identity, nor that he is on the run from a Colombian drug lord who is determined to get rid of Marco and those close to him before he can testify at an upcoming trial.  Having his mother away on her honeymoon for several weeks and his brother across the country, Marco is certain that they are safe, but strange happenings make him begin to fear for Rey's life.


Rey does not expect to fall in love with Marco, although she finds herself doing just that. Marco is falling equally fast, and makes sure that Rey knows how he feels about her and his hopes for their future together, but he is unsure of how she will react when she finds out that he has been deceiving her about who he really is.


Ms. Donovan has written one hot book with HER BODY OF WORK; these characters are attracted to each other immediately and watching their mutual attraction blossom and grow into something much deeper is a real pleasure. Marco is a hero of womanly dreams and the insight into his Cuban heritage is very interesting.  He's caring, considerate, respectful and ever so charming.  Rey is a strong, driven woman who is intelligent and passionate and unafraid and unashamed to show either of those characteristics. A little danger, a little suspense, and a lot of sensuality make this a very enjoyable book.

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