Her Boss's Baby Plan
By Grace
Mar 31, 2004 - 11:51:00 PM

Martha Shaw is at a crossroads in her life.  She's a single mom and has given up her life of glamour and excitement working at a fashion magazine.  Now she's looking for a job as a nanny, so she can look after her own son while she watches someone else's children.  Changing gears and slowing her life to accommodate her son has been strange, but she wouldn't trade Noah for anything.

Lewis Mansfield's sister dumped her baby on him, and his nanny quit.  A mutual friend recommends Martha for the job, but he's not so sure.  She doesn't seem the nanny type.  And he's moving to a remote tropical island for the next six months.  He needs someone who can stay the course.  When he gets back from his temporary job assignment, his sister is supposed to take her daughter back, and Lewis can't wait.  He's not father material.  But even so, he's a better parent than his sister Savannah.


Martha has an ulterior motive for taking on Lewis as her boss.  She wants to go to the island to look for her son's father.  He's a marine biologist doing research in the area.


Despite his misgivings, Lewis hires Martha to tend baby Viola.  His niece and Martha's son Noah are the same age, and they become a family of sorts.  Martha treats Viola and Noah as twins, and the children quickly become inseparable.


After several weeks on the island, Martha has done nothing to look for Noah's father.  And she doesn't really want to.  She's more interested in Lewis, even though he's all wrong for her.  She needs a family man now that Noah is in the picture, and Lewis swears he never wants children of his own.


Lewis nudges Martha's conscience and begins to search for Noah's father.  What will she do if she finds him?  And how can she show Lewis that she's interested in him as a man, not just as her employer?


Jessica Hart has created another wonderful heroine in a hopeless tangle.  Martha is warm and likable, and you'll enjoy her journey to happily ever after.  And who can resist a sworn bachelor who changes diapers?  Ms. Hart's fresh take on modern romance always leaves me satisfied and wishing the book had lasted a bit longer.   THE BOSS'S BABY PLAN is no exception.  Watch for the U.S. release in May 2004 from Harlequin Romance.

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