Her Boyfriend's Boyfriend
By Natalie
May 20, 2009 - 8:35:56 AM

Cassie has been with Neil for four months. During that time their relationship has been explosive and passionate.  Slowing falling in love, the more time they are together, the more Cassie notices that Neil is zoning out on her more and more often, especially in the bedroom.  When she calls his best friend Lou to try and figure out what Neil’s problem is, Cassie has no idea she is talking to HER BOYFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND.  All she knows is that Lou is Neil’s best friend, and if he can’t give her pointers then who can? Their quick banter and teasing playfulness stops them in their tracks and when Neil walks in on them in a compromising position, Cassie is surprised and more than aroused at the idea of having Neil and Lou both in her life.  Convincing Lou is easy, it’s Neil that is the hard sell. 

From the get-go, HER BOYFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND is smoking hot and heady.  Cassie and Neil’s relationship, while still new, is creative and their mutual respect for each other is a welcoming sight.  Their love for each other, while Neil was hesitant to admit, is more than visible, just as his love for Lou is there for all to see.  Practicality aside, I really like the realistic aspect of this ménage relationship – all three wonder how their love will be accepted and/or challenged.  Their commitment to each other is rock solid, and I don’t think a relationship could ask for anything more.  HER BOYFRIEND’S BOYFRIEND is a welcome addition to my contemporary ménage collection!

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