Her Cowboy's Christmas Wish
By Suzie Housley
Jan 1, 2012 - 3:38:40 PM

Nine years ago, Ethan Powell had to make a choice whether to stay with the woman he loved, or to enlist in the Marines.  In the end, he selected to have a career in the service.  He gave his position one hundred and ten percent of everything he had to ensure that he fought gallantly for his country.  Unfortunately, a car bomb tragically ended his career; now he finds himself back in his Arizona home town.

Caitlin Carmichael loved Ethan with her whole heart.  The two of them had been high school sweethearts.  When Ethan chose his career over her love, she was heartbroken.  Her decision to become a nurse was the result of her brother getting injured while he was in high school.  She works part time as a nurse at a local rodeo.

Ethan is intent to prove that the loss of his leg will not keep him from living his life to the fullest.  He returns to his rodeo career by entering an event.  While practicing for the up and coming event, he is thrown from his horse.  He finds that the person who tends to his injury is his old flame Caitlin Carmicheal.

Caitlin does not approve of Ethan’s choice of careers.  She suffered through seeing her brother make a snap decision that resulted in him being paralyzed.  She refuses to give her approval for Ethan to take part in such a dangerous sport.

Can Ethan and Caitlin rekindle the love that they once felt for one another?  Or have each one of them grown apart in the nine years they were separated?

HER COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS WISH was the perfect Christmas gift this reader/reviewer received.  Cathy McDavid has done a magnificent job in creating two wounded characters that are so deserving of loves healing balm.  This is the first book I have read by Ms. McDavid, but I assure you that it will certainly not be my last. 

HER COWBOY’S CHRISTMAS WISH is the second book in the Mustang Valley series.  The other titles include:



BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS – Book 3, due to be published March 2012

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