Her Daddy's Eyes
By Sherri Myers
Feb 1, 2006 - 7:59:00 AM

Allie Wilson is a 33-year-old woman just three weeks away from marrying her fiance' Trey Thompson when she discovers an old photograph of her father, who she hasn't seen since she was four.  With his coal-black eyes that are just like hers staring back at her, Allie feels an intense longing to find him, not really understanding why but knowing she wouldn't rest until she did. 

Handsome and successful Trey Thompson didn't have much use for God, and even less patience for his soon-to-be bride when he learns of her plan to search for her missing father.  Instead of focusing her attention on him and the upcoming wedding, Allie is chasing after the shadow of a man she hasn't seen for almost thirty years.  Trey becomes increasingly annoyed with Allie, and can't seem to understand her fascination and need to find her father.


Allie's search soon has her heading to Knoxville to speak with a couple who used to be her parents' best friends in their younger days.  Finding them away on vacation, she instead meets their son, Chase Mason, whose kind demeanor and quiet strength puts her at ease.  Chase seems to understand Allie's intense desire to find her father, and provides much-needed assistance and encouragement to Allie.  Will Allie listen to the quiet whispers of her heart that she doesn't quite understand?  Will she find the father she barely remembers before it's too late?  Is Trey really the man God intended for her husband, or will Chase's declaration that God has told him she is to be his wife actually come true?


Gary Parker has once again touched this reader's heart with his newest novel, HER DADDY'S EYES.  Mr. Parker weaves a tale of love, faith, hope, and forgiveness that will stay with its reader for some time past the turning of the final page.  I enjoyed this story very much, and will continue to seek out more of Mr. Parker's writings in the future.

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