Dakota Heat Anthology 1: Her Dakota Men

Author: Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren/Bookstrand Publishing

Release Date: December 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Stacy Daniels’s father has been dead to her for years but now that he’s finally passed away in reality she has some very difficult decisions to make.  She’s been living and working in Great Falls but her father’s ranch is where her heart truly lies.  There’s just the little issue of her love for Wolfe, Cash and Travis and how wrong loving them seems.

Brothers Wolfe, Cash and Travis have been in love with Stacy for years.  They’ve done their best to protect her from her father’s bullying and hateful attitude.  They’ve never expressed their feelings to Stacy and now with her father gone they feel it’s time for her to come back to the ranch – where she belongs – as their woman.


Stacy’s guilt over the perceived wrong on being in love with three men is emotionally agonizing.  She’s convinced her only option is to sell the beloved ranch and return to Great Falls as soon as possible.  Only first she has to consult the attorney about the property and for some reason the man is never available.  That means she spends a lot of time around the ranch and avoiding Wolfe, Cash and Travis is impossible especially when each of them keeps such a close eye on her.  When each man individually seduces her she becomes even more confused and scared.  Despite the men’s insistence that she is home, she’s determined to leave and doesn’t believe there’s any way she can confide in them about her feelings for them all.  As it is she’s afraid they’re going to find out that’s she’s cheated on each of them with their own brother.  Only there are things that Stacy doesn’t know which will shock and change everything she’s ever believed.  Will she stay after learning the truth about the ranch and what her father did?


HER DAKOTA MEN takes readers on an emotional journey along with the characters as each comes to grips with their feelings and what they mean for their future.  Stacy’s generous nature and love for the ranch and everyone who resides there really touches your heart even as you wonder how she could be such a sweet person when her father was so mentally abusive.  Wolfe, Cash and Travis are wonderful men who want nothing more than Stacy’s happiness – and for her to stay at the ranch.  They’re all dominant men by nature and their interactions with Stacy are beyond scorching.  Leah Brooke is a fairly new author, but she’s definitely secured herself a place on my auto-buy list. 


HER DAKOTA MEN is the first story in the DAKOTA HEAT ANTHOLOGY and while I can’t find any information on any of the other stories in this collection I’ll definitely be stalking Siren-Bookstrand’s website for news of any books being released by this amazing author.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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