Her Final Fling
By Cat Cody
Jul 1, 2004 - 3:31:00 AM

Christine Chandler wants nothing to do with a Gucci wearing, slick-looking, racecar playboy like Vito Cesare.  She'd been taken in once by a smooth talking player, there was no way she was going to let another one ruin her life.  She had a business to get off the ground, and the gigantic job she was doing to get the Cesare house ready for an upcoming wedding would make or break her reputation.  If only she didn't have to share the house with Vito and all those mouth-watering muscles, everything would be perfect.

Vito Cesare can't believe the destruction on pixie-like woman could do to his childhood home.  As soon as he finds out his matchmaking Uncle hired Christine, he realizes what is going on.  Not that a summer fling with a sexy woman would bother him at all, but the wedding march won't be playing for him any time soon.  He's number two on the Formula One racing circuit, and closing in fast on number one. Vito may agree with the institution of marriage, but he doesn't want to be committed to it.


As the weeks pass and the temperature rises, both in and out of the house, Vito proposes a fling with Christine.  It would be a way for both of them to enjoy themselves, no strings attached until the wedding.  Christine agrees, realizing she can't cut herself off from men completely, and at least this fling idea has lays all the cards out on the table.  Little does she know that Vito has a few tricks hiding up his sleeve.


HER FINAL FLING is an absolutely delicious book that will have you searching for Cesare' s in the phone book, looking for one of the yummy brothers for yourself.  This continuation of Joanne Rock's Single in South Beach series is as fabulous as the rest, and a perfect book for reading by the pool.  Although, you may want to keep some SPF handy, because the heat from Ms. Rock's writing is enough to give you a sunburn all on its own.  Do yourself a favor and read this book, your significant other will thank you.

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