Her Forever Hero (Lost and Found Series- Grif)

Author: J.M. Madden

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.

Release Date: February 18, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: Ebook

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When Grafton ‘Grif’ Parks was first hired as a security guard at her father’s company, Kendall felt that hiring a disabled Veteran was a big mistake.  As time went on, Kendall realized that Grif’s prosthetic hand did not take away from his sex appeal or his ability to be a top notch security guard. 

One Christmas night, Kendall finds she is lonely and decides to chase away her holiday blues with a bottle of wine.  Grif is there protecting her, but the unexpected occurs, as they find themselves lost in the moment and giving themselves to each other.  That one night of passion quickly turns to regret for Kendall as the morning approaches.  She tries to put the night behind her by putting distance between herself and Grif. 

Kendall puts all her energies into her job at Herrington Limited.  She wants to prove that she has the ability to be able to run her father’s multibillion dollar company.  At a board meeting, she finds that a plague of nausea hits her; Grif recognizes that Kendall needs to find an excuse to exit the meeting.  He provides her the opportunity by making up a false excuse.  As soon as the two exit the meeting, Kendall runs to the nearest bathroom. 

As Kendall relieves of her stomach’s content, Grif realizes that she is pregnant with his child.  The realization he is about to be a father hits him hard.  Kendall refuses to believe that she is with child.  She knows that if the board finds out about her condition, they would never allow her to take control of the company.  

J.M. Madden has once again proven the fact that she has the ability to create a hero that will melt your heart.   I enjoyed how she paired a blue collar worker with a high society lady.  Though Grif and Kendall came from different worlds, their electricity sparked a love that refused to die out.  J.M. Madden’s books are an addictive pleasure that I find myself craving.  It never fails that when I finish with her latest offering, I find myself wanting more.  To say that I am impressed with this author is an understatement. 



By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Suzie Housley

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