Her Frog Prince

Author: Shirley Jump

Publisher: Silhouette Romance

Release Date: December 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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What do you get when you mix a haughty socialite turned businesswoman, a straggly marine biologist with a phobia about wearing a tux, a four-times divorced father, a pushy mother, and a meddling matchmaker? In Shirley Jump's HER FROG PRINCE, it all adds up to a fun romp across land and even more fun underwater.

Parris Hammond is a mix of contradictions. On the outside, she's a too-pretty woman who men clamor to get next to—and it's not for her brains. But underneath her cool exterior, Parris is a woman who longs for the things she's never had unconditional love, acceptance for who she really is, and the devotion of a man who will stay with her for more than just her looks. Parris is the type of woman who acts like an cantankerous child simply to get attention; inside, she's really an intelligent woman who abhors her behavior.

Brad Smith has turned the image of what a marine biologist should look and act like into an art form. From his shaggy hair and beard, his sandal-clad feet to his ratty t-shirt proclaiming "Squids Make Great Pets." He's a man who lives for only one thing-refusing to be intimidated by his mother's guilt-ridden pep talks into taking over the family business, and spending as much time as possible with underwater animals who can't talk to him at all.

When Brad rescues Parris from the water, it's hate at first sight. Or is it? Because Mr. Squid sees in Parris exactly what he needs-a fashion diva who can transform his image just in time to present his case before a grant commission. Parris takes the job seriously, but when feelings become involved-along with some late night underwater explorations-she begins to wonder if there's more to Brad than meets the eye.

HER FROG PRINCE is romantic comedy at its best. Full of love and desire, with just enough comedy thrown in to keep the story fresh and interesting, it's a perfect way to spend an afternoon. Ms. Jump doesn't disappoint with the third book in Silhouette's FAIRY TALE CONTINUITY Series, and in fact does such a fine job that this reviewer plans to seek out the other offered books. Kudos to Ms. Jump for a great book!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jennifer Wardrip

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