Her Hands On Man
By Claudette
May 16, 2011 - 4:05:01 AM

Ivy is finally reunited with the man she's been apart from for three long months.  She never stopped loving Jake, but the last time they saw each other, he was coldly angry and not willing to listen to her.  He is however fully prepared to spend a weekend in bed with her now as payment for her brother's theft.  Can he really have forgotten how in love they were?  Ivy will use any means to remind Jake how she feels about him; and hope that somehow Jake will stop being angry, and love her again.

Ivy and Jake’s relationship ended badly.  Their misunderstanding and the breakup was caused maliciously by his jealous sibling.


While the novella mainly concerns Ivy and Jake’s intensely sexual relationship, I would like to have found out how they met.  If Ivy’s light fingered brother hadn’t given them a reason for them to see each other again, would Jake have made the effort to seek her out and put things right between them?  Jake is clearly a man in lust, and the title description of him is more than justified.  I just felt that this very sexy novella would have been more powerful, if the love between him and Ivy had been more apparent, and not just the carnal side of their relationship. 


Despite this, the author did succeed in drawing me into this novella and I enjoyed reading it. I definitely wanted to know more about the characters.

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