Her Handyman

Author: Jennah Sharpe

Publisher: Total-e-bound Publication

Release Date: May 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Stephanie recently lost her husband and since then, she has had no interest in seeking companionship, either from friends or a lover. Sure, the townspeople speak of her behind her back; they call the widow a recluse, lonely and not right in the head anymore. However, Stephanie just ignores all the slights. Stephanie's home is falling down around her, and now it's a necessity to hire a handyman. After placing an ad in the paper, Stephanie hears back via a letter from Cullen who's very interested in working for her. There's something about this man's letter that strikes something inside of her so she goes ahead and hires him.

Cullen is a wanderer, never content to say in one place for too long. The only reason he took this job was because he was going to be in town for a while visiting his elderly aunt. Cullen is twenty-five, twenty years younger than Stephanie. That doesn't stop Cullen from wanting her with a passion that neither of them can ignore. The moment he sees her, he knows he has to have her. Convincing her their age isn't an issue is a whole other battle. Will the determined Cullen be able to seduce the lonely widow and will he lose his heart in the process?


HER HANDYMAN is exquisite. Full of romance, laughter, passion and grace, this story is sure to melt reader's hearts. Stephanie is such a complex character. She's just been widowed and although she was sure her dead husband was the only man for her, when she meets Cullen all of her best intentions go straight out the window. Cullen has never been one to settle down, he's always needed to be on the go. I was rooting for this couple from the get go, hoping against hope that Cullen would decide to stay and that Stephanie would let go of the age issue. Passion abounded from the very first page, but romance played a huge part in this story in my eyes. If anyone ever deserved a happily ever after, these two characters do. This is the first Jennah Sharpe book I've ever read and I'm wriggling in anticipation of another amazing story from her very soon!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Amanda Haffery

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