Her Last Fling
By Sarah W
Apr 1, 2008 - 12:29:45 PM

Katy Simmons is getting desperate. A successful business owner of Katy's Kustom Kuts, she leads a fulfilling and happy life, but a part of her is still unhappy. She wants to find Mr. Right and instead, all she seems to find are men who want the milk for free, without buying the cow. Well, Katy is not putting up with that anymore. She places an ad in the paper requesting that only men who are looking to buy the cow contact her. She gets several responses but it is the man she meets out one night with friends that really captures her attention. "Harry" is just looking for a fling and Katy decides he will be her last fling.

"Harry" is really divorced dentist, Dr. Noah Hilton. Not usually a playboy, he has been badly burned in his first marriage and is just looking for a fling. But Katy proves to be unforgettable. When he finds out she is looking for more than a fling though, Noah knows he should jump ship; easier said than done however, especially when their attraction is scorching. Add to that a meddling mother and love's rocky path just became a bit more humorous and sizzling.


In her debut novel, HER LAST FLING, Jana Mercy will have you rocking with laughter, smiling, and just enjoying the romance of Noah and Katy. They are on opposite sides of the relationship spectrum but as they get to know each other better, they discover that they have a lot more in common than they initially realized. I just really liked Katy. She felt like a friend, like someone I would enjoy having as a friend in real life. She truly felt like a real person to me. She is smart, not perfect, but perfectly likable. Noah is also an engaging character. I understood why he was so devastated after his marriage and his cautious approach to a new relationship made sense. The theme of cows running throughout this story adds to the hilarity and nonsense of falling in love. HER LAST FLING is sweet, sexy, and a feel good story. Jana Mercy has struck gold!

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