Her Last Temptation
By BJ Deese
Jun 1, 2005 - 8:58:00 AM

Cat Sheehan runs the family bar, Temptation.  The bar is about to be permanently closed down and demolished because of roadwork.  With this part of her life ending, Cat decides for a whole new turnaround in her personal life as well.  She's always been known to date wild bad boys that are guaranteed to not stick around or end up hurting her.  Just as her decision is made, in walks the hottest, hunkiest bad boy she's ever encountered.

Dylan Spencer and his band have come to play for the weekend at Temptation.  Once he sets eyes on the sexy Cat, he knows he wants her.  But, Dylan has a little secret.  See, he knows Cat from high school when she was an untouchable beauty who was way out of his league.  Dylan was a nerdy kid, and he never got up the nerve to tell Cat how much he loved her.  His love never dissipated, and now that he's found her, Dylan will do anything to be with her, even if he has to act the part of a bad boy.

Cat and Dylan have a high voltage attraction that turns into an erotic love affair.  But, when it's all over and when Cat learns the truth of whom Dylan really is, what will happen to their relationship?  Can Cat realize the truth in Dylans long-time love for her?

HER LAST TEMPTATION by Leslie Kelly is literally the last Temptation for this Harlequin line.  Ms. Kelly has given an amazing tribute to Temptation with this beautiful and sexy love story, and it is absolutely one of the best I've read in the line!  The love scenes are sinfully erotic and excellently written.  I loved how the author incorporated the end of Cat's Temptation bar with the ending of the Temptation line.  Overall, this is just a perfect book, and I devoured it very quickly.  I hope Leslie Kelly puts her exceptional talent into another Harlequin line, because I will be grabbing up any tempting morsel she writes!

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