Her Little Black Book

Author: Brenda Jackson

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date: April 3,2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Courtney Andrews is approaching her thirtieth birthday and she is slowly realizing all her friends and family are getting married to the men of their dreams. Take her cousin Sonya for instance. Sonya is not only tying the knot but she is gifting Courtney with HER LITTLE BLACK BOOK. With a promise to call some of the men in the pages, Courtney is about to embark on a journey through dating hell, all in the hopes of finding the right man for her.

Lake Masters is content to be single, playing the field and doing as he sees fit. At thirty-nine he is set in his ways and he'll leave family, wives and babies to his brothers. He knows like all Masters men that there is a woman for him out there somewhere and when he sees her he'll know it. For now single is how he wants to be, until he sees Courtney.


The sparks fly and the sexual chemistry ignites as Courtney fights her attraction to Lake. So what if he's sexy and smart, everything she might want in a man, she's not sure she's ready for a man like him. Lake is looking for forever and he intends to have it with Courtney.


HER LITTLE BLACK BOOK is a laugh out loud read that had me giggling from beginning to end. Courtney's dates from the little black book made me remember my own awful dating experiences before I met my husband. Ms. Jackson's novel is like a walk down memory lane for any woman who has ever kissed a frog and found that it's not a prince but indeed a frog.


Courtney had every reason to stop calling the men in Sonya's little black book but she plugged along with the hopes of finding one quality guy. She went so far as to try and find good qualities in each man with a hilarity that made every bad date worth the time she spent. She is witty, smart and extremely likable. She is someone I could see myself being friends with, sharing drinks and bad dates all while laughing our heads off.


Lake on the other hand is sexy, smart and driven. He is the total package. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. I couldn't help but love him. At times I wanted to just yell at Courtney to go for it, he's perfect. Sure he had flaws but that never outweighed the positives. Most importantly he gave Courtney love without pressure, letting her come to him and offering the space she needed to deal with his over the top declarations.


HER LITTLE BLACK BOOK is a wonderful story full of rich emotion, fabulous characters and more than enough steamy sex to melt even the most frozen of hearts. My one and only regret; that I read this book in one day, lucky for me I still have the other Masters brother's books to read. HER LITTLE BLACK BOOK is a must have and a recommended read for certain.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jenn L

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