Her Millionaire Boss
By Grace
Dec 6, 2006 - 10:26:00 AM

Chrissy Gable is more than Henry Montbank’s personal assistant.        She’s his friend.  And she’s determined to keep his spendthrift wife from ruining Montbank Shipping while Henry recuperates from a stroke.  She’s been successful at thwarting Margaret’s efforts to take over the company thus far, but how long can she hold out?

When Nate Barrett hears of his grandfather’s illness, he returns to Australia after a six-year absence.  He finds Chrissy valiantly fighting off Margaret Montbank’s attempts to declare Henry unfit.  He takes over the daily operation of Montbank Shipping and discovers some unusual bookkeeping and shipping discrepancies.  What does Chrissy know about this?  And why can’t he fight the impulse to take his grandfather’s PA in his arms and kiss her senseless?


Chrissy finds Nate luscious.  But there’s no way she’s going to give in to his abundant charms.  He abandoned Henry six years earlier, and she’s got abandonment issues from her childhood.  Will she be able to see beyond the past and learn to trust him? 


HER MILLIONAIRE BOSS is a delightful, sexy novel.  Jennie Adams has a deft touch with humor and language.  I thoroughly enjoyed this playful, multi-dimensional story.  Well-rounded secondary characters are intriguing, and I smell the possibility of a sequel for Chrissy’s sisters. 



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