Her Millionaire Marine
By Nadine St. Denis
Aug 11, 2004 - 1:11:00 AM

Kate Bradley has had her fill will men who live on the edge of extreme danger. She lost her fiancc
e to it. But ever since she was seventeen and first saw Striker skinny-dipping, the huge impression he made on her young mind was still firmly planted. Seeing him again, only this time he is bigger and more dangerous, only adds to his immense appeal.


Can these two opposites find a common ground between them? Will Striker ever realize that being a great marine isn't the only important thing he could be doing with his life? Can Kate break away from the mold she has been made to conform to and realize that once love comes your way, you had better have the guts to grab it?


HER MILLIONAIRE MARINE by Cathie Linz is a really fun read. I love the good ole boy from Texas being combined with the tough, mean marine; it makes for a sizzling hero! It's funny and heartwarming, a truly delightful way to spend an afternoon. THE MEN OF HONOR series is a definite must buy.

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