Her Only Option
By Courtney Marie
Jan 15, 2013 - 11:55:33 AM

For six months Neve has been turning Malik’s marriage proposal down but she has no real reason for her hesitation. It doesn’t help that any chance he gets, Malik’s father, Sabry, also her boss, hints at how much he wants her to marry Malik.

It’s when she meets Ross that her world changes. Ross, at first, is a pompous jerk in her eyes, and only hitting on her because of her body and her looks. He pursues her relentlessly and, despite her first impression, he begins to grow on her. Once Neve discovers he is the archaeologist that is heading up the project to find Senhotep’s body, one of the late Kings of Egypt, she can’t help her attraction.DD Denying any feelings for him other than on a professional level, Neve takes a tour of the work Ross has been doing. She is fascinated by his discoveries and is sure he is heading in the right direction. Though their kiss isn’t unexpected, Neve’s reaction to the kiss when Ross takes that step in the tomb is. Neve has never felt that much from one kiss. Confused, but wanting more, she breaks things off with Malik. That’s when the trouble starts.

Paula Martin is a fantastic author and she shows herself in this story. The mystery is lurking in every page as to what will happen. Constantly guessing who is behind all these horrible deeds, you won’t be able to put the book down. With tense moments to keep you on edge, and the tender moments that melt your heart, Paula truly covers it all in her version of a love story with HER ONLY OPTION.

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