Her Private John
By Natalie
Apr 20, 2009 - 7:11:46 PM

John Lawless has been rich girl Bella Cantatore’s bodyguard for three years.  In that period of time, she has made him angrier than anyone should ever be able to do.  She is stubborn, she is insubordinate, and she is often reckless.  She is also the woman John’s envisions at night when he is trying to go to sleep.

Bella Cantatore is in love with John Lawless.  She wants him to look at her as a woman instead of a job.  She sets out daily to find certain things just to make him mad – and she is usually successful at it.  When a stipulation in her inheritance states that she and John must marry, Bella is adamant that she does not care about the money.  John, ever the voice of reason, convinces her to follow through.


John and Bella have to stay married for six months to satisfy the requirement specified in her inheritance.  Will they make it? If Bella has anything to do with it, they will.


I found myself laughing more than once at Bella’s antics towards John.  A typical stoic but dreamily sexy ex-military man, John’s character does not suffer fools lightly.  He has a job to do which was to be Bella’s bodyguard.  His job is not to fall into bed with her.  But that is exactly what he does – once they are married.  Convincing Bella that he was exactly where he wanted to be was tough on John – my faith in this shiverlicious man paid off.  The rest is history. 


HER PRIVATE JOHN is realistic and often funny. I giggled at Bella’s deliberate attempts to make John mad – more so when she achieved just that.  But then I would shiver at John’s sexiness and Bella’s luck at having such a wonderful man at her beck and call.  HER PRIVATE JOHN was an entertaining read and Betty Womack used just the right dialogue to keep me interested.  This one is a keeper!



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