Her Sister
By Dottie
Apr 2, 2013 - 9:15:15 PM

Twenty-seven years ago, five-year-old Clare Thaddeus’ three-year-old sister Lynnie was abducted. This act had destroyed their parent’s marriage and so far, the missing child has not been found. Looking for attention, Clare had been unruly during her teenage years, becoming pregnant at a young age, and now, as a single mother, she sees life repeating itself as her own teenage daughter is defiant, but she sees no way of changing things. Then the detective in charge of the old case, having recently retired, is trying to solve some old cases and believes he may have found Lynnie, who is supposedly living in another city.

However, in the midst of dealing with what is hopefully the culmination of this past horror, things between Clare and her daughter Shara come to a head as Clare discovers that her daughter has run away. As she and her parents pull together, they make some startling discoveries about her daughter and themselves. Will they be able to find Shara before it is too late, or is history repeating itself once more?

The seventh book in author Karen Rose Smith’s SEARCH FOR LOVE series, HER SISTER is a touching contemporary romance that will quickly have you riveted to the page. This story takes a close look at the turmoil and damage heaped upon a family during a horrendous crisis. Three generations of women are forced to go through drastic situations and the decisions they make can have long lasting effects. Having lived through the horror of a missing child one time, they are faced with it again, although the circumstances are quite different. But will the way they handled events in the past be repeated, or will they come together to find the support system they all need? Combining missing children, internet predators, teen pregnancy, psychics, secrets, family dynamics, suspense and mystery, this emotion-packed story is sure to touch your heart and make you watch your own child a little closer.     Ms. Smith’s prose quickly brings this story to life, allowing readers to empathize with the characters. Do not miss this wonderful story!

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