Her Special Child
By Sandra Tibbetts
Jan 24, 2004 - 11:12:00 AM

Dr. Alex Bowen, senior partner of the Ellingthorpe Clinic is totally blown away with Tina Lawson, his new locum (temp) GP the first time he meets her. Despite the purple hair that she is sporting for a fundraiser at her son's school, she is everything he has ever fantasized about - a smile that makes his spine tingle, beautiful, clever, funny and a loving mother. His vow of celibacy that he has managed to uphold for the last six years is starting to get a wee bit shaky, especially with the imp on his shoulder constantly egging him on to forget she is a colleague and off limits. After all, he's been there, done that, and picked up the pieces that had been blown to smithereens afterwards, shard by painful shard. He should know better than to ever put himself into that position again or does he? With that little imp overruling much of his common sense what hope does this broken soul have?

Dr. Tina Lawson is trying to put her life back together after the death of her son's father, Rod, almost a year ago. When her son, Josh was diagnosed with ADHD, she returns home to Ellingthorpe, where she can work around her son's schedule and give him all the love and help he needs. What she hadn't counted on was her boss being drop-dead gorgeous, in a dark and brooding, passionate Heathcliff manner, or that just being in the same room with him would be a heart-turning, nerve-end prickling experience and being barely able to concentrate when he's near, as she tries not to stare and drool. She has no time for this magnetic attraction, nor does she want it!  Tina feels she is being disloyal to Rod, the love of her life, and that Josh needs all her attention. Her son and his needs must come first and if she can just get that little imp inside her head to shut up, that's the way it will be! Or will it?


HER SPECIAL CHILD is a medical romance and if you are expecting the same type as your mother read, then you are in for one fantastic surprise! This story is full of raw emotions, which will wrench your heart in a hundred different ways. It also has an extremely titillating, sensual romance that heats up the pages from the very beginning. The medical knowledge is accurate and smack dab on. Having a child with ADHD myself, I have thoroughly researched this medical condition and I can say without hesitation that this author is meticulous in her details, even down to the knowledge of how the parents of these children feel when well meaning friends give them advice on how the child should be raised. I loved this story!


Ms. Hardy has given us a well researched and an extraordinarily well-crafted story full of everything you could want in a romance and more. The author uses the medical knowledge to enhance and never allows it to overwhelm the story. It is a tale about two people who need to learn to trust and love again, and that they are worthy of being loved; of the special children we can be blessed with, who also need to be loved and accepted for who they are and what they can be. Ms. Hardy has shown the reader with this book, just how exciting the new medical romances are now, and I for one, eagerly look forward to reading whatever this author writes in the future.  This book is a definite keeper for my bookshelf.

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