Her Sure Thing

Author: Helen Brenna

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: August 2, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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You never know when life will take a fast detour. As a teenager, Grace Kahill left her home on Mirabelle Island to make her mark in the world as a model. Unfortunately, many years later, Grace, a breathtakingly beautiful cover model, is officially out of job. A ghastly accident leaves her scarred in many ways. Her confidence and self-esteem is badly shaken, her so-called loving husband ditches her, crushing her tender heart even further. What a rat! Her friends and associate stand by her side as she heals. Grace wonders if returning to Mirabelle Island can work wonders on her trampled heart and life.

Sean Griffin is Mirabelle Island’s sexy, single doctor. Sean is very happy and content with his challenging and engaging occupation on this beautiful island. In fact, life has never been better. Look out Sean; something is coming in on the tide!


First, he crosses paths with the beautiful cover model Grace. He is instantly attracted to her. Then, his ex-wife stuns him with the announcement that he has a son, and would he meet her at the ferry to pick his son up for the summer? Huh? What? Will Sean make a momentous heartfelt connection with his son?  Is his love life about to rev into overdrive?


As Grace settles herself into the relaxed atmosphere of island life, she never expects to meet a gorgeous man in the medical profession. Be still my beating heart! She realizes that her body is still alive and needy. Will wonders never cease? Her meds are running low, but she can’t let this handsome man see her body. No way! Her confidence is broken, can she ever open up to him? Will the tides change in Grace’s world here on magical Mirabelle Island?


Helen Brenna’s new novel, HER SURE THING, in the MIRABELLE ISLAND series, is an inspirational story of learning to cope when life gets tough. Grace Kahill, a very brave, beautiful woman, is severely injured in an accident. She returns home to Mirabelle Island, the beautiful place she once turned her back on. She meets the Island’s single, sexy doctor, Sean Griffin, who sets her heart a-sizzling! The feeling is mutual, and Sean tries hard to break through the wall that Grace has built up around her heart. Besides, Sean’s world is shaken and stirred when he finds out he has a son. Ms. Brenna’s fast-moving, sensitive plot is liberally sprinkled with wit, sass and chutzpah. I absolutely loved the scorching state of affairs between these two apparent lovers, wondering how and when they would get together. Ms. Brenna expertly weaves intriguing subplots into this completely delicious confection. Also, Ms. Brenna’s lovely island descriptions make me yearn to take a vacation at Mirabelle! HER SURE THING is a delectable treat, as refreshing as an ice cold Mai Tai in the summer heat!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Michele Rioli

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