Her Temporary Hero - Once A Marine series, Book 2
By Dottie
Jul 25, 2014 - 1:01:09 PM

Five months ago, Becky Holmes’ boyfriend, Dylan, was sentenced to a few years in prison after a hit and run. Horrified by her boyfriend’s actions, she went to the police. She is aware of how vicious he can be since he put her in the hospital a year ago, but now she has a three-month-old daughter, Sophie, to consider. Becky, who loves her daughter madly, had gone against Dylan’s wishes to abort the child, but now Dylan is free and threatening to take her baby. She will do anything to keep Sophie out of his abusive clutches. Looking back, she realizes that she fooled herself from the beginning. She should have known that the town’s rich boy would never fall for the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. Seeing him for the first time since he went to prison, she knows she must run and the only one she knows who can help her is her boss, Lucinda Knight.

Twelve years ago, Logan Knight headed off to boot camp, against his father’s wishes. But now, thanks to a contract Logan had signed with his father, he has three months to find a wife or he will lose his land on the family ranch. Logan needs that land for his project, Camp Warrior Recovery, a full-fledged retreat for war veterans struggling to cope with PTSD. This was close to his heart and his way of atoning for his one horrifying failure as a Marine. Arriving home and seeing the lights on, he believes it is his cousin, Lucinda, preparing his home for his arrival. He never expects to find a woman with a baby and a dog there. Never one to turn away a woman in distress, which is what makes him so successful at his job with Once a Marine Security, he lets her stay. His cousin, Lucinda, believes that Becky could be the answer to his dilemma, but the last thing he wants is a woman with a baby, which just serves as a reminder of his one failure and triggers his own PTSD. But as he spends time with Becky, he reconsiders and soon finds himself falling for his temporary wife. Can he convince her to stay forever, or is he setting himself up for heartbreak?

HER TEMPORARY HERO, the second book in author Jennifer Apodaca’s ONCE A MARINE series, is a heartwarming, passionate contemporary romance that is sure to touch the hearts of its readers. From their first meeting, the chemistry between Logan and Becky is intense. These two emotionally scarred people see a solution to their individual problems in each other, but neither expects to find love as each touch and each kiss draws them closer. Becky’s baby, Sophie, adds an endearing quality that is sure to steal hearts and I enjoyed watching Logan’s interaction with her as he slowly overcomes his fear of being around little ones.

PTSD, abuse, a marriage of convenience, suspense, clever dialogue, a beautiful setting, scorching sensuality, romance and love entwine to give readers an emotion-packed story they will not soon forget. This book can be read as a standalone, but I am sure that after reading HER TEMPORARY HERO, readers will seek out the first book in this series, THE BABY BARGAIN. I have long been a fan of Ms. Apodaca’s work, but this story may be my favorite so far.  An exciting tale, packed with heat, humor and healing, it is not to be missed!

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