Her Wildest Dreams
By Claudia McRay
Feb 4, 2004 - 4:51:00 PM

Alison Ryan is a non-descript young woman who works in a nursing home as an LPN.  People constantly take advantage of her and she just acts the door mat and lets them.  Her nights are taken up with the most erotic dreams and they’re all about a certain policeman who happens to be her brother’s best friend.

Alexander O’Malley is the subject of Alison’s dreams.  He changes his women constantly and has always treated Alison as a friend.  She’s just plain old Allie to him.


When Alison is attacked by a drugged punk who tries to steal her pocketbook, she refuses to give it over.  Alison remembers some of the self-defense techniques her brother taught her years ago and puts them to use.  She uses the heel of her hand to smash his face and when he hits the pavement, she gives him a swift kick where it will hurt him the most.


As Alison is recovering her wits, a shadow appears and grabs the punk and calls for back-up.  That shadow belongs to Alex.  After he yells at her for what she did, he takes her with him to police headquarters.  He feels the need to take care of her and wants to know why she didn’t just give the punk her pocketbook.  She tells him that she would have died anyway.


While Alex completes the paperwork at the police station, Alison sits in an uncomfortable chair drinking coffee and waiting on him.  She’s remembering some of the erotic dreams in which Alex has played a very import part.  Alison thinks that he’s forgotten all about her.  She calls herself a cab and heads for the door.  Alex sees her and goes after her.


Alex refuses to let Alison go home alone and takes her to his house.  He plies her with hot tea laced with whiskey and aspirin and holds her in his lap until she falls asleep.  Eventually Alex falls asleep too. 


Somewhere during the night when they’re half awake, they come together in an explosion that singes them both.  Alex comes fully awake as their lovemaking ends.  He realizes what he’s done.  As he mumbles about being sorry, he gets up and leaves the room to get re-dressed.  Alison uses the opportunity to call her cab and leaves just as Alex returns from the bathroom.


Alison cries herself to sleep once she is home and in her own bed.  She makes some radical decisions concerning her life and the first one it to quit her job.  Over the next six months, she earns her RN degree and reinvents herself physically.  During this period, she visits Ireland and enjoys a short-term relationship.  She still thinks about Alex and what happened that night.


Guilt forces Alex to cut all ties with Alison and her brother.  He can’t, however, get Alison and that night out of his mind.  Michael calls and asks him to pick up Alison at the airport.  After failing with his many excuses not to go, he relents.  He doesn’t recognize the gorgeous woman with Alison’s voice when she speaks to him.


Little by little, Alex and Alison mend their differences.  During this period their relationship heats up to a fevered pitch.  They talk about and live out all their fantasies until her brother, Michael, walks in on them.


Shiloh Walker tells this highly sensual and erotic story with such emotion that you cannot help but feel for the two lives being laid out before you.  To watch a mousey Alison transform from her former self into the confident woman who knows what she wants and goes after it, is inspiring.  To watch Alex change from the non-caring jerk who is out for a good time into a loving and understanding young man who suddenly finds himself in love and willing to go that extra step, makes you smile.  This story is a keeper.  Shiloh reassures us that dreaming is not always hopeless and that people can change, if they’re willing to go that extra step.

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