Her Will, His Way
By Chrissy Dionne
Jul 7, 2008 - 1:46:39 PM

Antonio has been in love with Anita for years. The only way he seems to be able to get her attention is by antagonizing her into accepting whatever dare he’s issued. His latest attack - on her Mexican heritage - has resulted in a ‘date’ where she is supposed to cook him an ethnic meal.

Anita’s not stupid. She’s well aware that she should just ignore Antonio’s taunts but she’s never been able to resist an opportunity to prove him wrong. With her failed marriage behind her she’s made the move to Rio Grande Valley from Chicago to run her late grandfather’s flower shop.

Anita’s spent many summers at her grandparent’s home in the valley and she’s known Antonio for the better part of twenty years. What she’s doesn’t realize is that he fell in love with her that very first summer, but their age difference was a major issue so over the years he’d find odd jobs to do for her grandparents and taunt Anita just to ensure that she’d notice him. He’d been understandably upset when she married, but now that she’s single again and living in the valley he’s ready to make his intentions known.

Anita’s spent so much time seeing Antonio as only a friend that it’s a bit disconcerting to discover that there’s a mutually fiery attraction – especially since every Hispanic man she’s ever known has been domineering. That’s something her independent nature can’t abide. Antonio’s dead set on making sure Anita falls in love with him – he’s got his eyes on marriage even. But there’s a dark secret that could destroy any progress he’s made with her if she learns the truth. He’ll just have to make sure she doesn’t find out about the deal he made with Anita’s late grandfather.

Short and sassy is the best way to describe HER WILL, HIS WAY. Anita’s so spirited that I just couldn’t help but laugh at how Antonio eggs her into accepting challenges. They’re a fun couple who have known each other a long time so making the leap from friends (or people who ‘barely tolerate each other’) is scary for her. Antonio, of course, is already on the love and marriage path so it’s not so difficult for him. These characters took on real aspects so that I couldn’t help but care about them and hope that they could get past their troubles and heartaches (after all isn’t it the making up that makes it so much fun to fight in the first place?) This is a fun read full of plenty of emotional impact and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of Ms. Molina’s books in the future.

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